Egg Samosa with breadcrumbs

July 23, 2020
If you are a Sri Lankan, you must have had these in any restaurant in Sri Lanka. These egg samosas are triangular in shape and has a piece of egg stuffed inside with a spicy filling. When it comes to shorteats in Sri Lanka, these Egg samosas coated with breadcrumbs takes a significant place.

While I couldn't find these here, I tried making these many times. Made them first with pancakes and it was really a flop. I couldn't get that proper triangular shape. 

Then I thought how it should have been made in restaurants. My logic was, the shorteats maker wouldn't bother to make pancakes for each egg Samosa. I mean they make dozens of them daily.

As I have heard, these restaurants use the same dough to make Egg roti, kottu roti, samosas etc. Then why not this. Yes my guess was right. They have made it with the same Samosa strips they make, coated with breadcrumbs. This is my 2nd attempt with the samosa strip and it was perfect. They were crispy, perfect in shape and delicious.

Some tips;

1. Use proper samosa strips with the standard size. 10 x 3 inches for large samosas and 10 x 2.5 inches for small samosas. The spring roll samosa strip will not work for this. You can check out my homemade samosa strip recipe here. The link is

2. You can use any kind of a spicy potato filling. The filling I used was this. The link to my filling

3. You have to coat the samosas with breadcrumbs as soon as you fold it. Because the samosa strips will dry quickly if you keep it longer, which will result in the breadcrumbs not getting attached well to the samosas. 

4. Fry these in medium to low flame as there is a possibility for the samosas to get very dark brown in colour before it's cooked. The oil should be hot but not very hot when you fry them.

5. You can freeze these in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks in the freezer. 


A spicy potato fish filling
10 Samosa strips (10 x 3 inch )
2 eggs
2 cup breadcrumbs
2 boiled eggs (sliced into 10 equal pieces)
A flour paste made out of 3 tbsp flour + 1/2 cup water
Oil for deep frying


1. First prepare everything. Whisk the eggs in a bowl. Put the breadcrumbs in a dish. Keep the filling, flour paste and samosa strips ready. Keep the samosa strips covered all the time as it will dry. 

2. Fold the samosa strips as shown in the picture. Always start folding from the left to the right. Apply some flour paste to seal it. You should get a pocket in the strip. Now feel it with some filling and place a piece of boiled egg on top. (Make sure not to overfill it)
4. Fold the samosa strip as shown in the picture and seal well with flour paste. Make sure there is no holes.
5. Now dip the samosa in to the whisked eggs and then coat it with breadcrumbs well. Place it in a tray until you work out with others. This will give some time for the breadcrumbs to attach to the samosas and dry. 

6. Now repeat the same process with the remaining samosas. Do not fold all samosas and then coat everything at once. The breadcrumbs will not attach properly if you do so.
7. When all samosas are well coated, heat oil over medium heat. To check whether the temperature is right, put a small piece of samosa strip in to the oil, if it comes up then it's ready.

8. Now deep fry the egg samosas until they are gold in colour. Keep flipping while frying. Do not over fry as it will rupture. Make sure the temperature is always in medium to low. Serve hot. Enjoy!

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