Caramel Flan

December 22, 2018
If you are looking for quick and easy desert recipe, Caramel Flan is a great pick. This Caramel flan is made of condensed milk, eggs and homemade caramel. This recipe is very simple to make and even easier to enjoy and this caramel flan recipe will become your go-to dessert.


For the cutard

395g condensed milk tin 
3/4 water of the same condensed milk tin
5 eggs
1 tbsp vanilla extract

For the Caramel

1/2 cup sugar


  1. Put sugar in to pan and cook over medium heat. When the sugar starts to melt and brown in colour, transfer to an ovenproof dish you are going to make the pudding. Spread evenly.  (watch out. don't let the sugar turn black. The caramel will be bitter if it is burnt)
  2. Put the eggs and vanilla in a blender and blend for few seconds. 
  3. Then add the condensed milk and blend again until everything is combined. 
  4. Transfer the mixture in to the dish you poured caramel. 
  5. Cover the dish with aluminium foil. To cook the pudding you can either steam or bake. If you are steaming, let the water in the steamer come to boil and then place it. Steam for 45 minutes or until the custard has set. 
  6. If baking, put the dish in another large tray and pour hot water for 1 inch height. (water bath) Bake for 1 hour or until the custard has set. (baking time also depends on the height of your dish. It took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to bake)
  7. Once cooked, loosen the edges with a sharp knife and flip into a serving plate. Let it cool completely. Serve cool. Enjoy!

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