Mung Kawum (Mung bean oil Cake)

October 09, 2018
Mung Kavum is one of the traditional sweets from Sri Lanka which is mostly made for the New Year in April & other special ceremonies. 

(makes around 20)


1 1/2 cup Green gram (mung beans)
1/2 cup Rice flour
1 tbsp cardamom powder
2 cups Treacle/ Jaggery (approximately)
1 tbsp butter
1/4 tsp salt
2 cups vegetable / sunflower/ coconut oil for deep frying

For the batter 

1/2 cup rice flour

1 cup coconut milk
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
a pinch of salt


  1. Prepare a flat tray or surface and grease it with butter. 
  2. Dry roast the mung beans in pan in a medium heat. Let it cool for sometime and then grind the roasted mung beans into a fine powder. 
  3. Sift mung bean flour, rice flour, cardamom powder and salt together.
  4.  Heat treacle in a pan until it comes to a boil. *
  5. Gradually add the mung bean flour and rice flour mix to the hot treacle. (Keep 1/2 cup of flour mixture aside and put the rest)
  6. Keep stirring in medium heat until it forms a dough and leaves the pan. Knead well using a wooden spoon or spatula unitl you get a soft dough.*
  7. Once the dough is soft and ready, transfer it to a greased tray or surface and flatten with a flat spoon in it to 1/2 cm thickness.
  8. Cut into the shape of diamonds or any other desired shapes. 
  9. Prepare the batter by mixing all the ingredients into a thick batter.
  10. Meanwhile heat oil in a deep frying pan.
  11. Dip the pieces into the batter and deep fry them in a medium to high heat. *
  12. Mung Kawums are ready! Enjoy!
  • If you do not have treacle, use one cup grated jaggery with one cup water and bring it to a boil and let it come to a thick consistency.
  • If the dough is too soft u may add the flour mixture u kept aside. If it is hard you may add some treacle or water. Your mung kawum will be hard if your dough is hard. 
  • Fry only few at a time since the mung kawum may stick together.
  • You can store Mung kawum in an air tight container upto a week. 

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